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Saturday, December 11, 2010

things have changed 

A few years ago I used to dream of winning the lottery and setting up my dream computer work room. It would have a top of the line mac pro to work on with as many big monitors as possible and all the software I needed. There would be a linux server or two plus a windows machine and a few laptops scattered around. I would spend my days tinkering with stuff in html, css, javascript and php and not really do anything productive.

Over the last few years I have taken up gardening and also learned a great deal about other skills. Now my lottery dream is a big purpose built workshop. It would have a forge and blacksmithing area with an anvil, swage block, workbench with a leg vice, moulding cone, power hacksaw, MIG welder and gas axe at one end. In the middle there would be a woodworking area with table saw, mitre saw, router table planer/thicknesser, workbench, bandsaw and a sanding machine for a start. At the far end there would be a more open area for assembly of larger articles and also painting and finishing. There would be air lines for die grinders, cut off tools, impact wrenchs and the like running everywhere.

It would open up into the garage at one end with a workshop bit for tinkering with cars too and the other end would pass through to a greenhouse. There would have to be storeage space for tools and stock steel and wood too.

I think this represents a change in priorities for me. I still make my living pushing electrons around on websites but I think I get far greater personal satifaction out of making things with my hands. The thought of repairing or refurbishing some old furniture or making my own out of scrap wood and steel is far more appealing than creating a web-site.

I have just had one thought. I reckon it better be a euro-millions win. The workshop would cost at least 20 times as much as the computer room.

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