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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first bit of blacksmithing 

ran out of time on this one
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Years ago when I worked at Cannington College I used to help sort out rooms etc for the guys doing weekend blacksmithing courses. I used to go up to to the forge to give out room keys and the like. It always fascinated me to see them working hammering away on the hot metal.

At the time I couldn't really do much about it and I more or less forgot it. Then I saw the mastercrafts program on the bbc and thought I would really like to do something.

A quick bit of googling later and I found a course at a Kingston Maurward College with a really good Tutor.

Yesterday evening was the start of the course and I really enjoyed it. A few little blisters and sore hands but its really therapeutic to bash red hot steel into shape. The only problem is I get blinded by the light of the forge and can only see a big purple blob for a few seconds when I should be hammering away.

I think its going to be a good hobby if not a new job. 5 years of training is a bit much when your 40 and need to be fit for the job. If I won the lottery I would be buying a forge to go in my dream workshop / secret underground lair.

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