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Sunday, April 18, 2010

had a wonderful day today 

Started off with a long lie in, which is always good. Then got down to work in the garden for the rest of the day.

I mowed the lawn, planted beans and herbs amongst other things. Weeded out a lot of stuff thats sneaking in again. Sorted out the soaker hose. Finally sorted out the wormery too which is never a good job.

It was so peaceful. Maybe the lack of air traffic helps, certainly a couple of microlights flying over made what seemed like the same ammount of noise as a Eurofighter normally does.

I was thinking that if I ever get rich thats how I would be leading my life. Pottering in a garden and enjoying myself. Then I came upstairs and decided to watch a documentary on James Lovelock. He put it all into perspective when he said that people say he is only so pessimistic because he is 90 years old. His reply is that he might live to see some of the chaos he predicts if he lives until he is 100.

Then I watched a program with a guy traveling across Bangladesh seeing mega cities in Dakar and farm land being eroded by increased river flow in front of his face.

Time to have a good think about all of this stuff.

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