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Saturday, October 24, 2009

UX isnt just for the big boys 

Recently I have been looking at a lot of relatively small scale web development companies. They produce a whole bunch of sites for small and medium scale businesses. They all seem to view UX as a either part of the graphic design of a site or an unnecessary luxury that they can not afford.

I would personally argue it is something that they cannot afford to be without. It adds an extra selling point to their pitches at clients. It might require explaining a few extra things at the same time but at least it should give their potential clients something to latch on to compared to all the other competing agencies. Its not a unique selling point but at least its a different selling point.

Small agencies seem obsessed with graphic design and SEO. Its almost as if nothing else matters to them or their clients. I would argue that they often fail to meet their clients expectations because they don't consider the user experience. Getting things like e-commerce right is not a matter of fitting things into a CMS/e-commerce system that comes off the shelf. Its a complicated process that needs tailoring to individual sites customers needs. Its in areas like where UX comes and has a huge potential to make a difference to the clients bottom line and the agencies chances of getting more business.

If a small 10 or 12 person agency had one UX person working for them I would personally be prepared to bet that they can pull ahead of their rivals as it would give them a competitive edge. UX is not for the big boys. It gives the little people the chance to compete by giving them more tools to work with.

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