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Monday, July 06, 2009

on line identities 

I just realised its very easy to find me on line. I nearly always use "rob_cornelius" as my username, unless its already taken or the site I am signing up with wont allow underscores in user names. So I am rob_cornelius on hotmail rob.cornelius on google mail, rob_cornelius on del.icio.us, robCornelius on digg, rob_cornelius on steam games even. etc. etc. etc.

Now hardly anyone uses their real name on line, especially for things like games where everyone else is called Psk0killa or something similar. I think sub-consciously I must have decided that its hard enough to find anyone on line if you are not searching facebook or something like that. I don't mind admitting I am who I am so I use my own name.

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