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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zero configuration wireless networking the easy way 

For some reason since the staffroom was re-decorated the wireless signal in the study has become too faint for the little wireless dongle to pick up. So.... I bought an extender relay sort of thing. It was a nightmare to set up. Basically if you read the box you plug it in and press the auto-configure button on the side and that's it. Rubbish. Don't bother with the set up disk either as that is even worse. It crashes regularly and doesn't work at all. Get on the net and find the real instructions.

Then if you put it in the living room where it can get a good signal the main pc in the study still wont get a good enough signal. So... put the wireless extender in the study. Now it cuts in an out with its link to the main access point.

So now I got a more powerful wireless dongle with a proper aerial for the main pc. That let me move the extender back to the living room for a better signal. Even better I put it on the far side of the living room so I can now get a wireless signal in bed. Working from bed.... maybe ;)

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