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Saturday, March 07, 2009

doing my bit for the internet 

I set up a flickr group a while ago for the staff at the school where I live to share pics of the school. We don't post pictures of the children for fairly obvious reasons. I set the group up so you had to ask to join just in case.

Then the other day I had an email saying some random person on flickr wanted to join the group. I checked out their profile and they had no pics at all. I checked out their groups and they had obviously searched for every group on flickr with "school" in the name and joined all the groups they could.

Very, very odd indeed. I mentioned it to Rae and we decided this was worth doing something about. I reported the person to flickr's abuse system and they "are no longer active on flickr". Good.

Oh I have yet another new job. I am now contractor scum working for Qualcomm!

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