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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its been a very busy few months 

Since Easter I have changed jobs twice and moved house complete with redecorating the new place from top to bottom. Not to forget looking after Joshua and Oliver for quite a while while Julian and Heather packed ready to go to Canada. Some of the changes are detailed in a Previous post

Lets just say the job with Patersons didn't work out and was very frustrating. Then one day Rae was on MSN and said she had seen a web development job in the local paper. She said it was for a company called Lightcurve and the contact name was a guy called Stuart Lee. Well I went to school with Stuart and after an interview and a phone interview with one of their partner companies in Dublin I got the job.

Giving my notice in to Patersons was definitely a good day. Even if I had a raging hangover from drinking the best part of a bottle of champagne to celebrate getting the job. It probably turned out for the best as they were laying off people as I left.

I finished with Patersons on the 31st of July on a Thursday. Had the Friday off and met up with Neil, Sarah and the twins then and then started work on the Monday.

The new has been pretty cool. 20 minutes to drive to work is nice. A converted barn with air con instead of a tin shed to work in is nice. Not drowning in paperwork is nice. Not having 4 hour meetings at least once a week to report on "progress" is nice. Having a decent pc with two monitors instead of a laptop to work on is nice. Being able to get up at 8am, have a shower and still get into work with plenty of time is even better.

The decorating wasn't too bad. To be honest Rae did most of the painting. I painted a few ceilings and undercoated one room and she did the rest. Best thing in the world ever was the roller on the telescopic pole. It makes thing a lot easier. We spent yesterday putting up shelves and stuff. Tonight its pictures. Rae is busy making curtains too. We still don't have the lightwell sorted out but that can wait.

It was great to have the boys over too. Again Rae did most of the hard work as I was working. They can be a handful so again she did really well. I know Oliver will love his toolbelt we bought him for his birthday. He will be demolishing the furniture in Canada with any luck.

Lets hope things settle down for a while at least.

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