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Monday, February 11, 2008

got my shiny new laptop 

After a bit of negotiation with the insurers my nice shiny new Acer 5520 arrived today. Its only the base model so no kill em all graphics card but its looking good so far.

The main thing that you notice apart from the wierd curved keyboard is how quiet it is. My old laptop was forever spinning up fans and stuff even under minimal load in windows. This one barely makes a noise no matter what I do to it.

Its also a little smaller and a lot lighter than the old one. The power supply is tiny too.

I have spent the evening installing stuff while waiting for the windows updates to come down. One thing thats coming off asap is Norton Antivirus which is as bad as having a virus in the first place. All I need now is CS3 and the stuff to connect to work and I am done I think.

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