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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travelling by train 

I actually like traveling by train, perhaps because I don't many chances to actually do it.

However the reality is often disappointing. Take my trip yesterday. The outward leg of the journey was great. Not too crowded, 1 easy connection to make, nice clean trains, even the bacon roll for breakfast wasn't that bad. I even thought at one point I wouldn't mind making a trip like this once a week or so.

The return trip was a nightmare. The taxi to the station took ages to show up. Thats more might fault though for not booking it far enough in advance. I got a train for the first part of the journey with no problem. Then the when I got off I was greeted with a message saying the next connecting train was canceled as there were not enough drivers. Bugger. Sit on the station for an hour waiting for the next one. Of course thats rammed solid as its a commuter train and its now rush hour and its got twice as many people as normal. I sit next to some polish girl and get elbowed in the ribs every time she turns the page of her book.

The next connection is a mere 10 minutes late. This is good as its normally a sprint across the station to make it affair. I get a seat and its in the quiet carriage which isn't too busy.

From now on the trip should be a doddle. Just remember to wake up in time to get off. Oh no. Some chav gets on and sits behind me somewhere and gets out his phone. He then proceeds to have a big shouting argument with however he is phoning. Lots of swearing too. Eventually this stops and a bloke opposite him says. "Excuse me this is the quite carriage, and you shouldn't be talking like that on the phone in public anyway". The chav now lays into this poor bloke "You can't tell me what to fucking do" etc etc etc. He then starts threatening the poor bloke so myself and several others come to his aid. Eventually the guard turns up and to a polite round of applause throws him off the train at the next station into the waiting arms of the police.

Eventually I get home two and a quarter hours late, pissed off, fed up and vowing to drive everywhere from now on. Its a typical train experience for me. No matter what you personally do to make things go well events conspire against you.

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