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Monday, September 10, 2007

are the augmenting people just more subtle immersionist? 

I was reading a New York Times overview article about SL yesterday and it made a big point of the incredibly materialistic lifestyle of many avatars. It mentioned bling and McMansions and how everyone wants to "fulfill the American Dream in SL".

You could look at it that the people living the virtual American dream are playing a role playing game whilst doing their shopping, dancing and chatting. The rules are not as defined and no one gets hurt, status is not defined by XP or Level but is definitely there in following the latest trends and being first to have the "hot new look".

Its still playing out a role. You role playing identity enables you to, "wear the most fashionable clothes, have the perfect, beautiful body and live in a wonderful mansion."

Its ultimately the same as some one who wants to be a half human - half fox creature and live in a magical forest. The difference is what you want to wear and where you like to live, not vast cultural differences. The difference is the way the same escapist fantasy is expressed as opposed to a radical difference between cultures.

So perhaps we are not immersionist or augmentors but just plain old escapists


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