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Monday, August 13, 2007

And a very good time was had by all 

Sunday was the Barrington Cricket Club Twenty20 competition and it went rather well indeed. The threatened rain never materialized. The sun shone and grown men made fools of themselves on a cricket field.

The Barrington Oak team beat the Duke of York in the warm up game. One of the Shepton batsmen was heard to enquire if anyone had a defibrillator handy when he returned from his innnings.

The main even was the annual battle between the young bucks and the increasingly crocked old ones. Sad to say us old ones actually lost this year, mainly due to our sportsmanship in making a game of it in the first place. Jess brought on Stevie and myself to chuck a couple of overs worth of pies at them to help things out. Then when I took an absolutely magnificent catch after Duncan top edged a Wellman delivery that came down with snow on it it went up so high we graciously called it an above waist height no ball meaning they had one ball left to get one run which they just managed to do.

The best bit about it was we made around £800 on the day which more or less pays for the second eleven running cost for the entire of next season.

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