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Monday, July 16, 2007

Toxian City Blues 

Once again I found myself in Toxian city at the weekend, mainly on Sunday. Two things always strike me about the place. The first is the atmosphere of course. I think they really have managed to capture the dystopian, cyberpunk look for architecture pretty well.

The second is the way people generally fight there. Its just like a school yard. Someone calls someone else out and the just blaze away at one another. This might be fine for personal disputes but as far as I can see its the same for war between the rival factions.

If I was running a faction I would be ambushing my rivals in carefully planned set ups. Sure I would go into the Haven or where ever and call them out but make sure I had my footsoldiers on the roofs opposite with sniper rifles and heavy weapons. The moment they get out of the door hit them with all you got. No quarter asked or given.

So its not the "honourable" thing to do. Toxia is a shit hole. Rats don't have honour. Any of the main groups who took this advice would be running the place in a couple of weeks even if the others tried to band against them. All it takes is a little planning and skill.

Of course it would ruin the whole set up long term. The continual squabbles are a big part of the atmosphere (the distant gunfire helps a lot) and of course it actually gives you something to role play. Though it might be fun to try an organise a resistance against one dominant group. Ambushing and picking off their members etc.


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