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Monday, July 09, 2007

just another day in Toxian City 

Well the shit hit the fan in a big way. Or rather rising lava deep underground met loads of barrels of hiExplosives / toxic waste causing them to detonate randomly. Toxic ash is falling from the sky making everyone unwell and building up in the streets.

Toxia got shittier than ever in other words.

The hospital seems a fairly safe place to be. I hear the church and the pit are too. What gets me is that everyone seems to huddle in the safe places and rack up the experience points for doing so. There might be a way of working out the details of whats going on and coming up with a solution. If things are still bad when I next log in I will try and get some like minded people together to see what we can come up with. Perhaps there is a pattern to the explosions at the least. There might even be a way of diverting the lava.


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