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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I never really got into role playing games before 

I always avoided table top games like D&D or Warhammer before decent computer RPGs came out. I never got into their equivalents like Diabolo or WoW on the pc either. I was never one for the old school type of adventure pc games either, apart from the Monkey Island games.

I have spent the last few days in SL in Toxian City (Sloog Link here). Its certainly interesting...

I created my character as nominally human though following an accident I have been extensively cybernetically rebuilt. New spine, neck, skull, arms and legs though I retain a human brain and I am approximately 56% organic.

Did I mention guns? Toxia is full of very tooled up people. Most go for sidearms or bladed weapons. I either go for a 12-gauge pump action or a 40mm fully auto grenade launcher depending on my mood. Of course unlike most of the rest of SL you get to actually use the guns too. I haven't killed anyone yet in Toxia. I came close to shooting an annoying moron whoring/begging for money or experience points. As I had my grenade launcher and it was indoors it wouldn't have worked really and I would have killed most of the other people there in the crossfire. I need to get some pistols for close in work when I have the grenade launcher as my main weapon. I fancy a pair of sawn off 12-gauges instead of the usual 9mms.

Just when I was getting bored with SL a bit something new comes up.


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