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Sunday, July 01, 2007

how to go to a festival and not get muddy 

Go to SecondFest of course.

Though to be honest it wasn't awe inspiring. I only managed to get any streaming sound or video once. And yes I did check it was working elsewhere. The build was nice and there was quite a lot to do and see (but not hear obviously).

I thought that RiversRunRed made a big mistake though. They made it too much like a real life festival. Everything was miles apart, it was hard to find your way around and the sound quality was crap. (had to say that one more time), also various prim attachments for my AV kept vanishing

Some teleporters would have been good. I saw lots of people touching signposts expecting them to work as teleports. I ended up using the main map in SL to navigate. You could have done the whole thing in a lot smaller space that would have been more SL friendly I am sure. Stack stuff vertically or something. I guess the different stages had to be on different sims for the streaming music to work well but use your imagination... at the least put in teleports.

The best bit was wandering around in a big scary cyborg av and getting all the newbies gawping at me. Should have took my new Mk19 grenade launcher for some real fun. I did wear a katana with my nice cyberpunk outfit (call me Neo) and some of the RiversRunRed people were very snotty... just thought I was another punk looking to cause trouble I guess.

I havent seen so many newbies in ages though. The worst of all are furry newbies.. they look like they are wearing a kids fancy dress outfit and plastic mask.

I much preferred taking out a couple of nekkos in Toxia with my grenade launcher. If your going to open fire randomly dont shot at the guy with the biggest weapon around with a little 9mm pistol.


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