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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

another way of making SL more newbie friendly 

I was chatting in toxia with a few people the other day. We were privately making fun of a very obvious newbie on the other side of the street. They stood out a mile in their jeans, t-shirt and bad hair.

We were talking about how bad newbies look in general, particularly and especially furry newbies when someone floated the idea of LL supplying better avatars for free when you sign up. It wouldn't take a lot of effort to provide some avatars that look a lot better for newbies to choose from. Realistic body shapes and skin for a start. Better clothes and attachments. You could have a furry or two that dont look like cheap dressing up outfits, a goth, a mecha or cyborg all kinds of stuff. Make them copyable and modifiable and things would look a lot more interesting in places like the Shelter.

Then again the first thing most people spend money on is new av and clothes which generates lots of money for the Lindens....


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