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Monday, June 25, 2007

needed my swords today 

Got in my first fight in Second Life.

I decided to go exploring in Nexus Prime. Ok so it was more like falling randomly down from the nice polished corporate areas to the sewers. No nice... Anyway I was wandering aimlessly getting very lost indeed when a couple of dots showed up on my local map. Well of course up to now residents of SL have been so friendly so I thought I would ask them to show me the way out. Turns out they were not too friendly and basically attacked me on sight. At least they didnt have any projectile weapons rezzed to hand as I just had my trusty pair of katanas rezzed. One had what looked like a baseball bat and the other had a sword of some type.

Somehow I managed to polish them both off! I got one with the katana's "slash both jugular veins at once" move and managed to get the other with some mad whirling attack.

Needless to say I teleported the hell out of there before anyone else showed up. Here is a pic of my trusty katans slicing the air in my SL home. Just call me Hiro Protagonist!


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