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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

is Linden Lab raising the barrier for making money in SL? 

I spent some time the other evening scaring people with my new AV whilst looking at the new things people have come up with by using sculpties. And very impressive they are too. Animated sculpties even more so.

I can see why people who understand 3D modeling have been crying out for features like this. Sculpties make creating content easier and you can be more creative if you know what you are doing.

I always thought that the default building tools in SL were great for newcomers though as they enable you to get on and build something fairly easily. Having to download, install and learn to use something like Blender or Maya is not trivial. It might be a step too far for many users.

This means that user creativity in SL (which is probably its greatest resource) will be limited to fewer and fewer specialists. There will be more pretty stuff to look at short term but there is a long term risk that SL will exclude people who want to tinker with their own little 3D world and maybe make enough money in game to pay for playing it.

Again this comes back to my proposition that SL at the moment is like the early days of the web. The ratio of creators of content to users of content is fairly high. As things get more complex creation is left to specialists and experts. This can in some cases stifle creativity as opposed to merely creating.


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