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Monday, June 18, 2007

Eating in 

Time for an update about the garden.

Things have been doing really well lately. Once we identified the plantains as weeds it was easy to get rid of them by hand weeding. We had half a wheelbarrow full of weeds and gone over lettuce out at the weekend. The worms had a good feed.

Hopefully this week we will see the first flowers to bloom properly and I reckon by this time next week we will be eating carrots, peas and courgettes too and maybe spring onions.

The only real fly in the ointment are the weeds that have come up in the lawn and the slugs and snails eating stuff. Both to be expected I guess.

Plans are already afoot for next year. We hope to be a lot more organised and plant more stuff and not just plant loads of lettuce all at once. Hopefully we will have sweetcorn, raspberries, potatoes and more beans. We might even take over another plot of spare land.


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