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Sunday, May 06, 2007

using card sorting for other things 

Rae is doing an OU degree at the moment and she was really struggling with her current assignment. She had a whole bunch of ideas and concepts floating around but couldnt work out the relationships between them in order to write her essay. Obviously this is really frustrating.

So what we did was write every idea and concept on its own post-it note and use a convienient door to stick them on, randomly at first. Then we did something in between a mind mapping exercise and a card sort. First we re-arranged them into clusters of related concepts. Then we arranged them with the most important idea at the top of each cluster. Then we finally arranged the clusters into the order that Rae is going to write about them.

Using spatial organization and chunking the concepts into manageable groups made us both think on how the concepts were related in new ways. We could easily re-arrange things and re-sort them by using the post-it notes.

Rae really liked the way of doing things like this. Its a good mental kick start.


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