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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Amazing SL building 

Amazing SL building
Originally uploaded by Rob 'n' Rae.

One of the most amazing virtural buildings I have ever seen. Its a Amazon's Web Services Island and was created by French architect Joshua Culdesac.

Its not exactly user friendly. I spent ages trying to walk or fly from one level to another. It was only when I flew outside with the aim of getting onto the roof that I noticed the elevator.

Some of the textures are a little half baked. There is some plywood in places even. That doesn't detract from an absolutely amazing building that could only exist in a virtual world with sandbox physics.


Permanent link and Comments posted by Rob Cornelius @ Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You need to remember that this is not an "official launch". It is intended as an early view, to elicit feedback so that oddities and problems can be ironed out before a full launch.

I'm sure Joshua and Piper will take due note and make any necessary tweaks in the next few weeks.
Glad you liked the design, sorry you had a bad experience with it. We will certainly work the thing out to make it easier for visitors and check these texture issues.

Thanks for you review !-)

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