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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a great weekend 

We had a long weekend in Titley just outside of Leominster over the weekend. The weather was amazing. 25 degrees plus in the middle of April cant be sniffed at. The only problem was that it was really hazy so we couldnt really see the views.

We spent some time exploring the "black and white" villages of Herefordshire, lots of chocolate box houses and nice pubs.

We both really liked Hay on Wye too. Lots of very nice second hand bookshops. Rae managed to get some collections of Simone de Beauvoir's letters she has been keeping and eye out for. I got loads of random stuff including a book on how cool and amazing the Internet is written in 1993.

Then when we got back things have really started to look up in the garden. We have the beginnings of a lawn! Green stuff is coming up everywhere. Some of it isn't quite where we planted things... we will have to be vigillant.


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