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Monday, April 23, 2007

Blood and sweat certainly 

I was looking through our pics on flickr today. The three below really caught my eye.

Overview of the garden.
the starting line... more or less bare earth
Garden Overview Pano

These are more or less the beginning middle and current progress of our garden. We went from an unmanagable tangle of coarse grass and weeds to a nice neat well ordered but still developing garden between May 2005 and nearly May 2007. Of course the wedding took up most of 2006 so we didnt get much done apart from getting dad to spray everything with agent orange to kill everything more or less stone dead last September. In fact the last two pictures are just under a month apart

We have rotorvated, built raised beds, raised plants from seed and planted others, put in a "shed" to store all our stuff, put together a mini-greenhouse, terraced one bank, built two paths and even made a scarecrow. All in the last month. We still have to terrace the other bank, move the arch and some of the plants to better locations and plant a few more plants out. Then we get into mowing the lawn and harvesting our veggies whilst admiring the decorative plants. Tonight I did my first bit of hoeing... first of many I think.

It gives both of us a real sense of satisfaction to do something that you can really see. Make a small but significant, to us anyway, contribution to the school, our lives and in a tiny way the planet once we start eating our own food.

Stop the presses! we have just bought a wormery to make our own compost for us.


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