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Monday, March 26, 2007

ouch my back hurts 

And my legs, and my shoulders and even my hands ache. There is a small bit just to the left of my navel that seems to be ok but everything else hurts.

Yep, we spent the weekend in a frenzy of gardening. We hired a huge rotorvator and blitzed everything in sight back to completely bare soil, and stones. Lots and lots of stones. We are still finding more. Every time I went over any part of the garden we turned up more stones. I think the area must have been used as either a dump for rubble when the extension was put on or possibly its from the original construction of the house. Rae spent most of Saturday morning picking them up while I grappled with the rotorvator.

Then on saturday afternoon we started construction of the shuttering for the raised beds. This was a good mixture of trial and error and actual uses for geometry and trigonometry. Pythagoras was right after all. I always wondered what the practical application of all that stuff in maths lessons was. We used 3-4-5 triangles and other stuff like that to make things more or less square and even. Sadly we ran out of charge on the drill and a few other problems meant we didn't get it quite finished on Saturday.

On Sunday we got my brother and as many bags of well rotted horse poo as we could fit in the car. We finished off the construction of the shuttering with David moaning all the time. (OK we were a little off at times) Then we spread the poo around in the raised beds and took soil off the high spots in the lawn area to make the inner level of the bed to the top of the shuttering whilst mixing in the poo. I got that lovely job.

Then we rotorvated again as walking around making the beds etc had compacted the soil again.

Another trip to Wickes and the poo place gained us more poo, yes more, plus gravel, grass seed, hose pipes etc. When we got back I dug in the poo for the flower bed. I always got the job of digging in the poo. Rae moved the stones we had dug out to make one path and we laid the gravel to make another. One last raking to make it look pretty and that was it.

One long hot bath and a good nights sleep later.... and I still feel like I am 70


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