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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Office Space is just so good 

Finally got to watch it last night. Best £5 I ever spent on a DVD. Its just so funny becasue its true. Well apart from the part about the stapler. Apparently you cant get red swingline staplers for real.

I think my favourite bit was Tom Smykowski's interview with the Bobs. There are just some many people like him out there still even after downsizing and the crash. Basically they are a waste of oxygen but somehow they squirrel themselves into organisations and manage to stay there for years while good people who actually contribute get laid off and fired around them. Its the peter principle and dilbert principle writ large.

Some of the Tom Smykowskis I have worked with in the past really made me wonder why I bothered turning up 5 days a week. No matter what I did they somehow stepped ahead getting all the credit, promotions and stuff. I could burn this place down you know....

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