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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A nice way of using SL to sell stuff 

I have been getting very into the architectural side of things in SL lately. Its interesting to see how an RL architect creates stuff in SL. It appears that most of them moan that they can't import their models from existing software into SL directly. Of course this misses the point in that SL is designed to make it possible for anyone with a minimum of skill and no tools to create content. Just like HTML can be created in your favourite text editor instead of Dreamweaver.

I digress... I was on Architecture island and came across Crescendo design. This is a real life green / sustainable architecture practice in the states which is using SL as an environment in which to demo its designs to customers and as a show-case.

They even offer every r/l customer a virtual version of their r/l home before construction starts in the real world. This enables them to try out things in SL before they become an issue in r/l such as finishes etc.

This seems to be to me the perfect way to meld SL business with r/l. What could be better than trying out your new house before its even built.


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