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Friday, February 02, 2007

well the cats out of the bag 

Today www.publishingtechnology.comwas announced to the world. Ingenta have merged with VISTA (no nothing to do with the MS operating system.)

I had been given the "Ultra high priority, ultra top secret" job of creating the site thats up there now. Its only really a placeholder until we actually get more information to put there I guess. I was told to get it done at all costs and cut any corners you have to along the way.

Its XHTML, CSS2 and Bobby AAA. Its easier to do things that way really. The whole lot of it was hand coded in plain old html as there wasn't time to set up anything special for templating. Still every last line is hand coded and I did all the images apart from the main logo.

I was actually quite fun to go back to basics and not have any templating and development environments getting in the way. You can't beat hitting :w and then hitting refresh on your browser straight away instead of waiting for everything to build for 15 seconds.

The tricky part was doing rounded corners with lines not solid blocks of colour. I ended up using a sort of sliding doors technique. The only css borders on the main div are for the vertical borders. The curves and the horizontal borders are background images attached to either the main div or elements within it. They are pretty large so take a while to load but its the only way to do with borders as the background image is positioned inside the border. If it was a solid block it would line up properly. Here it would always be off by the width of the border itself. I guess you could have used a lot more divs and negative margins but this way is cleaner in terms of the html.

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