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Sunday, December 03, 2006

virtual burglars 

I just logged into SL this morning and popped into existance in my house. Its on a really obscure bit of formerly first land. I dont actually visit it myself that often even.

I had my inventory open looking for a good landmark to visit (thanks for no search LL :-(( ) when an AV walked into my house and started looking around pretty much ignoring me! The person was born yesterday in SL terms bbut didnt have the best grasp of English and I dont speak Korean so we couldnt really communicate. In the end I just TPed out to a random landmark to avoid further embarassment and frustration.

If that had been real life he would have been in hospital.

Its a very very weird feeling in a virtual world when someone just wanders into your house. I could never see the point of access rules to a piece of land until today. It really did make me feel rather upset although of course there is nothing wrong with it at all.


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