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Thursday, November 02, 2006

We need a new language 

Or at least a new dictionary.

One of the main problems I face day to day in my job is working out what it is people actually want. People seem to use any vaguely web orientated word in any way they think it fits. "Frame" gets used to describe "a section of the page" when there are no html frames on any site I produce. I had someone describe "the foreground being out of alignment with the background". Logically this means it was behind it or something. Actually it means that the rounded corners at the top of a section are out of alignment by a couple of pixels.

Graphic designers speak of creating a "grammar" or even a "language" of graphic design. Web developers have at least 4 or 5 "languages" they use every day. IAs have their own jargon and language. Managers and clients speak another language altogether. (hi Dilbert) All of these languages get mashed up together and no one really understands whats being said by anyone.

This new language must be a meta-language sitting on top of all the others. It would give everyone a common frame of reference to describe problems and solutions. Otherwise the only alternative is screen shots or pointing at things on monitors. It would have to be extensible for individual sites but each extension should be clear from the outset. Perhaps each site should have a dictionary compiled for it with screen shots if need be so everyone sings from the same hymn sheet when they sing the dirge of complaint.

Permanent link and Comments posted by Rob Cornelius @ Thursday, November 02, 2006

How's that dirge start? I'd be happy to sing along. A very good post. Thanks.
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