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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hopefully there is a force driving more standards compliant sites 

And its called firefox. (don't get me started on that whole iceweasle thing)

It is not that its a better browser its that its a better browser for developers to work with. Extensions like the DOM inspector, the web developer tool bar, venkman, firebug, html validator, live http headers etc. make it so much easier to see what it going on with your code. Sure IE has fiddler and its own web developer toolbar and a few more add ons that you probably have to pay for. But none of them come close to FF.

So hopefully more and more developers use FF and then by a process of osmosis start writing more standards compliant code.

It wouldn't hurt the Mozilla foundation or someone to do a "developers" version of FF with all the cool extensions already installed. Now that would be useful.

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