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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees 

I have spent ages debugging some javascript for a ByDesign at work. Suddenly realised that the reason it was breaking in our system and was fine on the customers site was beacause when I had done "save as complete web page" in firefox it also saves javascript generated html. There was code in the javascript that checked to see if the generated html was present and generated it if it wasnt but if it was already there it broke. Which is fair enough.

I went all through the javascript debugging it and couldn't find anything wrong with it. (well apart from it being of incredibly low quality) Then last night on the way home from work I realised what was wrong. Got into work this morning. Pressed dd Esc : w to get rid of the offending line of generated code built the changes and it worked.

The problem is I had a very very simillar problem about 8 months ago and I had forgotten all about it.:(

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