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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sometimes in a game it all comes together 

Last night I was playing Infiltration (an old realistic modern day combat mod for UT) and decided to set myself up as a machine gunner. I got into a building and just blazed away at the dumb bots walking into my field of fire. I got through 400 rounds of ammo and must have mown down 50 or so bots.

It was just so much fun to be doing things just right in the game. Of course playing against humans I would have been taken out by a sniper or grenade laucher or something but it was just fun.

One of the few other times I can recall that was simillar was when I was playing Need for Speed Underground and had been stuck on one particular level (nearly at the end) for weeks. I kept playing it as I was obsessed. Finally when I beat the time required it was by about 10 seconds and it would have been more but I did a huge jump to celebrate and crashed as I crossed the line. It was like I was possessed or something. I literally knew the level inside out but hadn't been able to crack it for ages. Then it was just pure flow. Every last bend was taken precisely and perfectly.

Its simillar to how it feels when you do something just right in sport. You know the shot is going in the moment you hit the ball, or you know that you are better than your opposition. Everything is just right.

Its almost impossible to replicate though. Even the absolute sporting greats have off days.. or longer.

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