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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pushchair envy 

Or stroller envy for you north americans

I was in Taunton today buying a dyson (whoo hoo, maybe) when and every 2 minutes someone nearly took my legs off at the knees with a pushchair of some description. The range of different types of these things is amazing. Everything from nasty cheap ones that look like they will take your fingers off the moment you try to fold them up to ones made by Land Rover (I kid you not) that have disc brakes all round and knobbly types which look like you could push them up ben nevis in a howling gale and pouring rain and enjoy it.

Of course the chavs have the cheap and nasty ones and the nice middle class parents have the fancy ones.

The really interesting thing is that several times I saw one middle class dad sneaking an admiring glance at someone elses buggy... definately not the baby. It must be like who has the best car in the pub car park. There are the big off roaders and sleek sporty models as well.


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