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Monday, October 16, 2006

I really hate commuting 

It seems no matter what I do I cant get to work any earlier now. This morning I made a huge effort and got out of the carpark at home a full 10 minutes earlier. By the time I had got to Wraxall hill all that extra time had been eaten up by being stuck behing tractors and trucks. In the end I was later than normal into work so all I got out of leaving early was even more time sat in my car.

Although I do some of my best thinking in my car most of it is time wasted. I spend up to 2 1/2 hours a day behind the wheel. Thats 10 hours per week (working from home one day) or 20 whole days a year (with holidays taken into account). A grand total of 16896 miles as its 88 miles a day. With my car getting 55mpg and diesel at £4.00 a gallon that works out at £1228.80 just spent on diesel alone. Plus 3325 kilos of CO2 emitted.

You have to wonder if its worth it sometimes.

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