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Monday, August 28, 2006

we are on honeymoon 

We sailed on Thursday from Swansea to Cork on an overnight crossing. Went into Cork City for breakfast and wandered around for a while before heading off to Kinsale and the Blue Haven Hotel Ate rather too much (Oysters, Steak and Guinness.... mmmm) so we had an early night...

Then we drove across country to Kilarney and the Lake Hotel in Kilarney. I really must thank the duty manager who told us the best way to get around the Ring of Kerry in the time we had. We went to Valentia Island and the Skellig ring too and were back in time for another delicious meal. We decided to have breakfast on the deck outside our room and just as we were tucking in 3 or 4 red deer paddled across the lake about 50 yards from our room. They just hung around for ages. I was almost expecting a tap dance routine from them in the end. Its was either that or they were some sort of animatronic disney style thing.

Yesterday was the Harbour Hotel in Galway. Its basically just a holiday inn type place. We wandered around Galway city center and found a pub playing trad music so we stopped for a while. The only downside was someone slashed the tyre on my car in the hotel carpark.

Right now we are in Inishboffin House on Inishboffin. One of my favourite places in the world. So we got wet this afternoon but what the hell. They have the worlds best showers and we have a kingsize plus two singles in our room which we have pushed together to make one giant bed.

More to come and keep an eye on Flickr

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