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Sunday, July 23, 2006

what Joshua did on his holidays 

This weekend we went to visit Auntie Rachael and Uncle Rob in their big house because Mommy and Dad were going to London to see the Queen in her big palace.

The first day we were there we went in Uncle Robs new car to Wookey Hole. There were big caves there were a witch used to live before she was turned into stone for being really bad. We went into the caves and it was really dark and a bit scary but the man in charge was really good and I was with Auntie Rachael so I wasnt scared. Then we saw lots of big dinosaurs in the woods before we went into the big play area. Uncle Rob won me a scooby dooby doo toy in a machine but he couldnt get one for Oliver so I gave Oliver mine and had Olivers toy instead. We played on lots of games. One had water guns to shoot at pirates and then there was a big ball guns were we could shoot them at Uncle Rob and Auntie Rachael.

The we had lunch. We had fish fingers but they were not very nice. Then I had a really nice mint choc chip ice cream before we went home.

When we got home we went swimming. Uncle Rob got his water rocket and we played with that. Some of Uncle Robs and Auntie Rachaels freinds were there too and they were nice. I jumped off the top step of the diving board and we had a fight with the big foam things. I hit Uncle Rob in the head.

When we came back from swimming we had burgers for tea and then we went to bed. I was really tired out and went to sleep really quickly.

The next day we went to Cricket St. Thomas. We saw lots of animals like leopards and zebras. My favourite was the lemurs. Some of them walked right by us and I even touched one. We played minigolf with uncle Rob and had lunch before we went swiming again.

Uncle Rob can throw me really hard into the swimming pool. I like it but I dont like going in head first. Then we played a game with uncle Rob where we try to make him overbalace and fall over in the water. It was really fun.

Then Mommie and Daddy came home and we all had tea and watched a movie. It was nice to see Mommie and Daddy again.

The next day Uncle Rob and Autie Rachael and Mommy went shopping in the morning. We went to the pool with Daddy and then Uncle Rob went swimming when he came back. Uncle Rob showed Daddy how to throw me and it was funny.

Then we had a nice tea and went to bed after we had a tubby.

The next day we played in the house in the morning as it was all wet and rainy. Then we went to a pub for lunch and played on the play area and had orange juice to drink.

After that we said goodbye to Auntie Rachael and Uncle Rob and went home.

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