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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Best web development tool EVAR 

I was reading some random stuff about using Linux for web developement this morning when I came across a link for IEs for linux

This is the dogs dangly bits. It requires wine and another utility to read MS .cab files but once your up and running with that it installs and sets up IE6SP2, IE5.5 and IE 5.01 to run on linux under wine.

At first glance it seems pretty damn good to me. I will have to write some test pages with various browser hacks in them.

Now I can do all my work here under linux as I have had eclipse for linux for ages but tend to leave it on the windows box to save resources. Eclipse is a beast after all and I only have a PIII 667 box here. Its actually going to get me testing more as I will have everything to hand.

I even made some spiffing icons for the different versions.


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