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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

alas on old friend is no more 

I came into work this morning and whacked my mouse to wake up my pc. All was well there. But when I tried to start typing again nothing was happening. I rebooted the pc and whilst it was shutting down noticed that all 3 lights on the keyboard were on, capslock, numlock and even scroll lock. When it rebooted the BIOS reported a keyboard error and hung until I hit the enter key, odd that but there you go. So now I have had to swap out my old rattly keyboard for a spare one (with quiet keys) that was lying around the office.

I guess it was one too many Esc : w Alt-Tab uparrow enter Alt-Tab f5 too many for it. It has taken some punishment. Especially when I get a bit frustrated and give the keys a bit of a pounding. There is probably a good meal of crumbs in it too.


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