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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

sort of old school gaming 

Years ago when a PIII 600 was a top of the line gaming rig I used to play a mod for the original unreal tournament called infiltration. It started out as a sort of counterstrike rip off / real weapons patch for unreal tournament. I think I started playing it as some of the people I worked with couldnt get CS to work on their pcs for some reason.

As it evolved it got more and more complex and realistic. The weapons got better modelled and there were lots of enhancements to the gameplay. It was the first game I came across with leaning, stand, crouch and crawl stances, walk, jog and sprint paces and look through the iron sights to aim.

A while ago I was getting bored of the games I had and deceided to look it up as I enjoyed it so much. Basically it hasn't been officially developed in the past 2 years and there was a sort of community effort to keep it going but that has faded away too. Its still available to download though.

I actually was able to get the version after the one I last played. Its even better... more weapons and maps and game modes. Of course of of the other strong features is that UT bots are far better than CS bots. The level designs are excellent too.

I tried out the two bonus weapon packs the other night. Incendary grenades are fun... fire one off from your launcher and watch the opposition running around in flames ;). The minimi machine gun is fantastically well modelled. Each bullet in the belt is individual so you can see when the belt is going to run out as the last bullet goes by.

In terms of eye candy its crap of course. But for gameplay a lot of modern games can't hold a candle to it.

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