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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

plan for building my SL home 

Walked into town for a quick lunchbreak and had a good think about how to build my dream house. Its all about working with what I have.

Here it is

  1. Remove all the existing prims from the land... start afresh.
  2. Survey the land. Its on a slope, whats the average angle of the slope? Can do this by moving a prim around carefully.
  3. Design the house on paper... Yes I could hack it in SL or do the design on Illustrator or some CAD package but this way will be quicker as I am still able to work more efficiently.
  4. Work out the number of prims required
  5. Try to minimise the number of prims.
  6. Build it.. That should be easier with a paper drawing to follow.. take angles from etc.
  7. Textures
  8. Furnish it


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