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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

more SL fun 

Well the net connection is definately ok... respect to JuJu.

So I bought my land and started to play with it. I slapped down a freebie house at first. It was a bit big... sorry neighbour. It also had quite a lot of prims in it so once I resized it I had no allocation left for furniture.

So in the true spirit of hacking and British DIY I am going to build one myself. Its going to be based on a mixture of two houses that really struck me. One was in Vancouver and the other in the Forest of Dean. Both had gentley sloping roofs that created huge overhanging eaves / verandahs. Trouble is I only have the standard 16 x 32 plot and its on quite a steep slope with the narrow end facing the ocean and neighbours crammed in on either side.

The plain is to create a house / workspace. The end facing the ocea will be entirely glass for the views. Its going to have an upstairs room and two large rooms downstairs. The long side facing downhill will have a large verandah which may or may not be glassed in. The other long side will have a more steeply pitched roof and no overhang... Might even have a one directional sloping roof. To save prims there will only be a ramp up to the top floor instead of stairs.

The glass fronted area facing the ocean will be one huge workspace. I should be able to rez large prims in there. Might even have a builders grid for the walls and floor as and when. The rear and upstairs will be more of a living space likewise the verandah. Maybe put in skylights if I have enough prims

So far I have more or less levelled the ground and put down two 10 X 10 foundations (make them thicker to hide the gaps, or even make the ground rougher and steeper again) and one glass wall. I will have to do some triginometry for the first time in years to work out the angles for the roof.

I will have to spend some time reading up architecture.... and 3D modelling...

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