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Monday, June 19, 2006

humor in secondlife 

I was evangelising about SL at work again with one of my colleauges when he asked about jokes in second life. As far as I know apart from word play there are no real jokes in the game. You cant do the equivalent of putting a whoopee cushion on someones chair (unless you owned the chair). The other day I did convince some really annoying ultra-slut av that "minger" is English slang for "incredibly sexy person" and she changed her title to minger. How nice it would have been to throw a custard pie in her face or something.

You could take that to extremes and have kill zones for jokes... dropping anvils on someones head, exploding cigars, the whole warner brothers thing. Coyote vs. Roadrunner 1 on 1 battles :D

Of course you couldn't go around modifying anyones object at will. That leads to all kinds of problems. Thats what the object rights are for. Just sometimes though you want to throw your drink over someone and for it to have an effect on their avatar.


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