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Thursday, June 08, 2006

first go at really building something 

Had my first real go at building last night. It wasnt really very planned and I will probably delete it soon.

Its all about getting proportions right in SL. Its tempting build a huge big box as the living room then you realise that your avie can fly around inside quite happily. My current house looks like some sort of modernist Devon Longhouse. The end that faces the sea is all glass. There is is a big box for one room... glass either side floor to ceiling either side of a ramp to the top floor that acts as a room divider of sorts. Then their is another big box with a door in the end wall. The uphill wall upstairs is all glass. The roof is too low upstairs though. Your POV keeps going outside the building.

Plan B is going to be a split level affair to make better use of the space. Single story only too.. that saves prims and is easier to work with. I feel a skylight comeing on as well.


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