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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another thing SL could do with 

Whilst wandering around SL I have bumped into a number of relative newcomers who have created some good stuff but dont have a place to sell it. Another group are people who make some good stuff but don't do it often.

Rents and land values in a high traffic mall can be a bit much for a newcomer and low traffic locations can be a bit of a dead end. I guess you could say that the newcomers should invest some of their own money in their talent and pay the higher rents.

Not everyone is willing to do that and for a lot of people its going to be money wasted. If you want to see if people would actually like what your creating you need a more open marketplace.

What I am suggesting is an auction house. Anyone could enter an item in an auction for sale be it an object, clothing, avie, texture, script, notecard etc. The object would have to have copy and modify rights carefully controlled naturally. Avies could go to the auction house and view the articles for sale and also the current highest bid (though not the bidder obviously) and the deadline for the auction. Once the deadline for the object runs out the highest bidder wins. You could even have a situation simillar to a real (or ebay) auction where there is an exciting flurry of last minute bids.

Of course the auction house would take a slice of the bid and maybe chage a small fee to the seller. But with a suitably small fee to the seller it would encourage people to use the auction.

Of course there would be nothing to stop people only using the auction house to sell all their work. This would be highly disruptive to the SL land / rent economy. Perhaps controls on how many items a single user could see in a time period in the auction house would work. You could even have "celebrity" auctions where a particulary sought after object was sold in much the same way as Old Master paintings are sold today which would attract publicity and high bids.

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