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Friday, May 26, 2006

Alas poor pepper 

pepper relaxing once again
pepper relaxing once again,
originally uploaded by rob_cornelius.

this time its on the chair on the fire escape

Last night we realised we hadn't seen pepper in 48 hours or more. Rae decided to go looking for him and found him collapsed in one of the outbuildings. He couldnt stand up properly and was obviously in a lot of pain. It even looked like his eyes were pointing in opposite directions.

Today we took him into the vets. The inital diagnosis was his kidneys had given up. They ran some blood tests and confirmed that. He was also diabetic as well.

We thought he is about 8 and the vet reckoned 9 or 10. There really wasn't much that could be done so we had him put down.

He wasnt really our cat but you get used to seeing him around...

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