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Sunday, March 19, 2006

working from home again 

Well the observant might notice this is being written on a Sunday evening so its not actually being written when I am working from home. More like just being at home.

I think I have cracked the final step to making it easy to work from home. Leigh has said that the best way to work from home is to edit the files on the server directly as if I was in the office.

Thats all very well but the only way to do that is to use PuTTy to get into the server and then vi on the command line. Of course I love vi. Vim to be precise is my editor of choice. But trying to work on a tiny window without having all the right keybindings set up for the terminal and know way of knowing them is not that easy. Everytime you pressed a cursor key without hitting esc first it put in a new line above the one you were one with a A in it. Doable but frustrating.

Then I started messing with WinSCP3 which will keep a local directory in sync with a remote ftp site. (we can get into the server with FTP. No samba access allowed from outside the offices IP range) That meant I could get a copy of the code from CVS (thats ok from outside too) and then edit those files and have WinSCP do the syncing back for me. Its still not the best option as everything would get out of kilter with CVS.

Then I half rememebered something I heard one of the guys at a previous job years ago telling me about. Its from Novell and called NetDrive. Basically it allows you to msp a windows network drive to a sFTP site. Bobs your uncle. Now I can open and edit the files directly on the server. Hit :w and it FTPs the new file to the server for me. Run the build script on the server and there are the changes in my browser.

I can even do the CVS just like in the office by telling it to import the exisiting projects on my server. It thinks they are just on a network drive but they are really on a sFTP server.

Everything is going through securemote and the sFTP thing so it might even be getting encrypted twice for all I know.

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try SftpDrive
much faster/nicer than NetDrive, IMHO. not free tho
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