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Monday, March 27, 2006

whoops there goes my free time 

I was bored on thursday evening... was talking to my brother who is now a WoW addict as well. I have always been interested in these MMORG's as an extension of IRC etc. and always loved Neal Stephenson books etc. I had read a little about SL (see got the cool abbreviation already) a while ago and on a whim decided to sign up for a free account.

Admittedly I havent done too much so far. Created an avatar based on what I was wearing at the time that looks more or less like me. Apart from the hair. I couldnt get a setting for Grade 1 crop anywhere so I am a complete shinehead in SL. I have had a wander around some of the newbie friendly zones and bumped into a few interesting people. I have yet to master building anything though. Might give that a go tonight. Then I want to build me a little house somewhere to "live".

Discovered playing it on a laptop with just a touchpad is next to impossible though. You need a mouse to look around really.


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