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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I hate commuting almost as much as I 

Hate trying to set up SecuRemote.

Recently my commute to work has been getting worse and worse. No idea why really. I set off at the same time and arrive later and later. Traffic is getting worse and worse. And little things about traffic annoy me now. For instance

  • When you get the owner of some big powerful sports car crawling to work. The other day I was behind an Aston Martin Vanquish that was pootling along at 45mph. I overtook it :)
  • Why do people drive slower in the dark?
  • People with their own agenda concerning speed limits. Like 10mph slower than whatever the actual limit is.
  • Nissan Micras
  • Radstock

But all of these pale into insignificance compared to setting up SecuRemote (stupid name for a start, done by some dyslexic marking moron) No one really knows how to set it up. For some people "it just works" for others it is a world of pain and hurt. Guess which category I am in?

Note to their developers. Let it have an advanced reporting feature. Instead of just having "Connection failed, Host not responding" or masses of logs that are unintelligble have something like "Connection failed, Host did not give timely response to x" or something more informative. I know having simple messages is meant to be userfriendly if things work well but when they dont its a nightmare.

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Oh, Securemote is fun. When it works ;)
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