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Friday, January 13, 2006

new home set up 

new home set up
new home set up,
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This is the set up in the new room in the flat. The main part is my lovely desk from EFurniture

Its amazing. Every part is adjustable for height. I have the monitors raised up to my eyeline so I dont have to strain my neck. The main surface supports both your arms nicely as you type.

The mouse mat was needed dispite it being an optical mouse. For some reason the mouse didnt slide very well over the surface of the desk. I could have got some of those little teflon feet for the mouse I guess.

The new part of the flat is coming along nicely. Rae spent ages decorating and hurt her ankle doing it too. This was my main contribution apart from putting together the bookcase in the pic and the new bed.

And finally we had the front door of the flat moved to where it should be further down the corridor so we dont have go out of the flat into the corridor and back in again to get from one room to the next. It makes the kitchen look really wierd though. I still cant get used to it.

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